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Many people find this site because of the long list of Scentura and World Perfume distributors.

The best way to stop these distributors is using the proven legal ways to shut them down. But you can also help others to avoid being scammed immediately.

Send us:

1) The alias name of the distributor you trained with.

2) Distributor's address

2) Distributor telephone numbers

3) Manager's names

4) What newspapers classifieds the distributor advertise in.

We will then add your local distributor to our growing list.

World Perfume and Scentura Pyramid Sales Schemes

Add your voice to the thousands who have been manipulated and lied to:

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Like thousands of other people across the world I spent five wasted days in "training" with the company World Perfume, a break off of Scentura Creations. During those five days I was manipulated, blatantly lied to, and taught how to lie to mislead potential customers.

For those of you not completely familiar with these scams, there is a brief explanation of what World Perfume ( WPI ) and Scentura is and how they operate.

On the fifth day of training it struck me: World Perfume was the most elaborate and devious multilevel marketing scam I had ever seen. And I am not alone, HUNDREDS of people like you and me, middle class and lower class have raised there voice in anger and frustration with this vicious scam.

After quitting, I then began to research World Perfume extensively on the Internet:

Enraged by the distributor's blatant lies and the distributor's weekly manipulation of young people who are unemployed and looking for that "lucky break", I decided to use my anger and frustration in positive and constructive ways.

I only lost five days of job searching because of this company, if information like what is on this web site had been available I would have never gone to that first scripted interview and would have found real employment sooner.

Why hasn't the authorities closed down Scentura and World Perfume?

A question that I asked, and I am sure many of you are asking yourselves is:
If Scentura and World Perfume are so horrible and the business practices of all distributors are so unethical and illegal, why are they allowed to continue to be in business? The reason is because of the deceitful cunning of the founder of Scentura, Larry Hahn.

All distributors MUST sign an independent contract before they can sell ("drop") a single piece of perfume. This independent contract makes the parent company legally immune from anything that these distributors do. No matter what illegal, unethical practices the distributor does. No matter how many people these distributors lie to and cheat, the parent company is legally immune from prosecution. Even though the Scentura web site takes credit for developing the concept that distributors use as a model for running their businesses. (Note 1)

When Johnny Whitworth, formerly one of Larry Hahn's biggest distributors, quit, he stole the entire concept of Scentura, including the "independent contractor" idea. (Note 2) World Perfume and Scentura are virtually identical. (More on the independent contractor license)

Why did we write this web page?
We write this web page in the hopes that others will avoid my same mistakes. This web site is named after the ruling of the Second District Court of Illinois ruling against Scentura Creations. The court found in favor of a former Scentura Creations Distributor who left the Scentura scam to join the World Perfume scam.

The court ruled: "In our view, the consignment contract between plaintiff and defendant is properly characterized as a chain referral sales technique or pyramid sales scheme"

Within two months we had closed down our local World Perfume distributor. We build this web page in the hope that others can use the EASY STEPS to close down their local Scentura or World Perfume distributor and help others to avoid being scammed.

Please help us close down World Perfume and Scentura.

Recent Distributors which have been closed down and/or forced to stop advertising in the classifieds:

Scentura distributor:
July 26, 2004 :

I applaud your efforts. Actually, we have shut one down. That's why David Babb is
in Missouri
now, and not Central Florida. And let's see if E-O-E is here 6 months from
now. We have raised the ad issue with the attorney general's office before, and we will again.

Thanks for the site with all your information.

Todd Ulrich, Action 9, Consumer Investigations

July 15, 2004 :

World Perfume distributor:
Bay Side Enterprise advertising in the Sun Chronicle Mansfield, Ma

"The Sun Chronicle (classifieds) has taken the Job Listing (of Bay Side Enterprise) out of circulation and has said they have received many complaints about the matter."

See the full e-mail

July 7, 2004:

Now TWO distributors have been shut down in Salt Lake, a World Perfume distributor and a Scentura distributor:

Scentura distributor:
Commercial Wholesale advertising in the Salt lake Tribune and Deseret News
Salt Lake City, Utah

"I spoke with Susan Hessler, the director of the Newspaper Corporation, which
does classified advertising for the Salt Lake Tribune and the Deseret News, and
she said that all four accounts for Commercial Wholesale have been locked and
they are unable to advertise in those papers anymore.

If you call any of Commercial Wholesale phone numbers:
467-8971 or 467-8972 or 467-8973 the phone numbers have been disconnected."

See the full web posting

Commercial Wholesale is ran by one of the largest distributors in Scentura:

Richard Greenly AKA Richard Wentz

If we can close down this large distributor, no distributor is safe!
You can close them down too! Call your newspaper classifieds today!


This month's Scentura/World Perfume distributor focus:

Call or email the Chicago Tribune today and demand that they stop allowing Skyline Advancement (a Chicago distributor) to advertise in their classified ads:




Email us at: on why you feel your
distributor should be featured in next months focus.

Click for more information on Scentura Skyline Advancement


Detailed list of ads that YOU probably answered, and the deceptive tactics that
Scentura and World Perfume Distributors employers use from the very beginning.

Many people find this site because of the long list of Scentura and World Perfume distributors.

Help others to avoid being scammed.

Send us:

1) The alias name of the distributor you trained with.

2) Distributor's address

2) Distributor telephone numbers

3) Manager's names

4) What newspapers classifieds the distributor advertise in.

World Perfume and Scentura Distributor Aliases

Scentura: 570 sales offices worldwide according to Buffalo News; Buffalo, N.Y.; Mar 28, 1992
(Based on other Scentura dubious claims this is probably a gross exaggeration)
World Perfume: about 50 sales offices according to inside sources.

Linked distributor names have additional information available, usually BBB reports.

World Perfume Distibutors
A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I  J  K   L   M   N   O   P   Q  R   S   T   U  V   W  X  Y   Z

Salt Lake City Distributors

Scentura Distributors
A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I  J  K   L   M   N   O   P   Q  R   S   T   U  V   W  X  Y   Z


Apex Distributors Tulsa Oklahoma
Atlantic Coastline Impressions A.K.A. Chic Enterprises Fragrance International (bbb)
2300 York Road Ste 109 Timonium, Maryland 21093
1705 Joppa Rd 2nd Floor, Baltimore, MD 21234
Original Business Start Date: 4/1/1987
Derrick Merritt, President / Owner, Louise [vice president] and Chris [manager] Brandon [Trainee]
Newspaper: Baltimore Sun [There is also another office in Glen Burnie Maryland ]
410-308-1352 410-308-2571 410-308-1705 410-663-8950 410-663-8960
Bayside Enterprises Bay Side Enterprise Bay Side Enterprises
260 Gateway Drive Suite 7-8B Bel Air Belair MD 21014
Don Goff Don Helgi WPI [From: ]
Bay Side Enterprise
82 Coplin Drive Mansfield, MA 508-261-0375
Newspaper: Sun Chronicle [From: July 15, 2004 ]

Capital Management
600 Commerce Drive Coraopolis Suite 606, PA 15108 412-269-3215 Beaver Falls PA Pittsburg PA
412-269-3418 412-269-3610 "Multi-Level Selling Company according to BBB report" (See later, no BBB info now)
Manager: Chris Bibzak Lisa and Josh
In classifieds: Pittsburgh Post Gazette and [possibly] The Tribune Review
[From: July 21, 2003 & &]

Centex Enterprises
Chic Enterprises (See Atlantic Coastline Impressions)

Chic Enterprises / Motivation Inc. (bbb) This Texas office is the main headquarters of World Perfume
2722 Hollandale Farmers Branch, TX 75234        972-620-1277 972-243-1146
11901 Larc Industrial Blvd Burnsville, MN 55337-1416          952-894-9707 612-894-9707
Original Business Start Date: October 1989
Cincinnati Design
636 Northland Blvd Suite 170 Cincinnati, OH 45240           513-825-4333
Owner: Dennis J Mulhearn
D & D Enterprises (bbb)
7020 So. Yale # 102 Tulsa, OK 74136         918-491-9799
DBA Marketing               Illinois
DBA International Marketing               Kansas City
"Michael Hales [Distributor] quit running a Scentura office so he could work with Johnny Whitworth. He kept all of the merchandise Larry Hahn had consigned and continued to run an office making false claims. He effectively "stole" merchandise from Larry Hahn." [From: defunct chat board]
Dynasty International
8633 Loch Raven Blvd. Towson, MD 21286 410-661-1201
[From: ]
Elite Fragrances
22015 Van Owen St suite h, Woodland Hills CA 818-999-5879
Elite Fragrances
12000 4th St N Apt 114 Saint Petersburg, FL 33716-1703
Original Business Start Date: October 1994 Owner: Ms. Faye Walston
Elite Fragrances
12702 Magnolia Ave Riverside, CA 92503 909-371-2004
"Owners": Mark, JD, and Liz [From: Email, July 2004]
Elite Marketing
2818-o I-85 Service Road Charolette North Carolina 28208 704-393-3453
Newspaper: Gaston Gazette [From:]

Check this out 19 postions available

Executive Design (As of July 2004, listed on
1312 Benton Rd Lake Villa, Illinois 847-265-7909 Near: Schaumburg Chicago [From:]

GEM Enterprises
Pasadena, Maryland Glenburnie Maryland
[From: June 1, 2003, June 2003 ]
Global Marketing (bbb)
6300 E. Thomas Rd Suite 200 Scottsdale Arizona 85251           6320 E Thomas Rd
President: Derek W. Mason Nicole Giannini previous manager Original Business Start Date: 07/01/00
480-874-9550 480-994-5338                     A.K.A World Marketing and Promotions, Inc.
Classifieds: Arizona Republic 312-1200 Been in business 8 years [Confidential-Messages from March 27 and March 17, 2003 also]
GW Distributors (See later, no info on BBB now)
1924 E 6th St. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103           918-295-8700

Horizon Unlimited (BBB report says business is now closed)
5325 E Speedway Blvd Suite 205 Tucson, AZ 85712 Mr. Thor Levins, Owner 520-320-9548

Innovative Marketing Solutions, Innovative Marketing Solutions Inc, IMS (See later, no info on BBB now)
2275 Westpark Suite 201 Court Euless, TX 76040 817-283-4566
Manager: Belinda Chamber, Scott Wilcox
[From: June 2003,]
International Design
326 S Wilmot Rd Tucson, AZ 85701 Tucson, Arizona. Mrs. Johanna Godfrey 520-571-1758
International Management Inc International Marketing Inc
55 West 22nd Street suite 112 Lombard, Illinois
President: Tracy Bencal
630-424-1643 630-424-1642 630-424-1673 [From: and]
Newspaper: Daily Herald:

"General Office NO EXPERIENCE NEC. International co. seeking hard working indiv. to fill up to 20 new mgmt. positions. Call 630-424-1645 or fax 630-424-1673 "

[From: ]

LA Wholesale (BBB report says mail has been returned)
5294 Cottonwood Park Memphis, TN 38118 Ms. Abbe Grossnickle - Owner Mr. James L. Bound, Owner 901-362-3725
Lakeshore Design
10828 Gravelly Lake Dr SW Lakewood, WA 98498 253-582-6669
Live Concepts Live Concept (bbb)
56th Street Commerece Park Tampa, FL 33610 5402 56th Commerce Park Blvd Tampa, FL 813-626-6111 813-626-6111 Managers: Nate Falner Joe Manor Tammy Kukal Brittany
[I trained under these managers originally. Tammy and Joe used to work in Salt Lake City before we closed their offices down. Johnny Whitworth said he would "investigate this further" about all of the dishonest and deceitful practices that I reported, instead, we shut down this distributor, and then Tammy and Joe moved to Florida to practice the same dishonest and illegal tactics.
So much for World Perfume's promise to "investigate this further". The fact is, that every World Perfume and Scentura distributor use a script, which is the same for every distribution center.
The Salt Lake distributor's training practices were the norm. Every distributor, Scentura and World Perfume alike, use the same dishonest script.]

[From:] [Not working:]

New Dimensions (bbb)
5321 S. Western Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73109           405-632-4764
2722 Hollandale Lane, Dallas-World Perfume, TX 75234           214-620-1277
Dallas Representative: Becky Morgan Independent Contractor: Millisa Winters Wholesale Distributor: Ms. Janet Michelletti
Silverstone Enterprises (bbb)
4729 Trenton Street Metairie, LA 70006
Original Business Start Date: October 2001
Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds Owner 504-888-0089
Silverstone Enterprises (bbb)
302 S 74th St Omaha, NE 68114 402-390-2640
Original Business Start Date: January 1999
Office Manager: Mr. Shawn Kitzmiller President: Chris Holland           402-390-2640 402-390-2650

Needed for Wild and Crazy office. Call 390-2640 [ Feb 2004]

Silver Stone Enterprises
8282-1011 Western Way Jacksonville , Fl
Silver Stone Enterprises Chris Wichita, Kansas [From:]

Unlimited Marketing
Unlimited Management (BBB report says business is now closed)
3224 S. Fair Lane Tempe, Arizona 85282           602-431-1502 602-431-1506
Managers: Chris DeGuzman, Branch managers from here on are Nicole Gianniani, Amy Bechber, Jesse Uiton, Jason Trano, Rual Martinez, Dan Long Derek Mason, Dan Chasin, Frank Linden, And Reed Hatch Original Business Start Date: January 2003 Ms. Nicole Giannini Vice President Mr. Christopher DeGuzman President
Newspaper: Arizona Republic Newspaper
[From:,,] [Dan Long previouly worked with Joe Lussa (AKA Seana?) in St. Louis]

Unlimited Management Unlimited Management & Promotions, Inc.
(Previously in Tempe Arizona, with the same business name, above)
3350 Nw 22 Terrace 300B Pompano Beach, FL 33069           954-935-6867 954-935-6898
Original Business Start Date: 9/1/2003
President :Christopher DeGuzman (See later, no info on BBB now)

Waterfront Design 3640 West 2100 South Salt Lake City Utah 84102 972-3219 [Now closed!]
World Marketing and Promotions, Inc. [See Global Marketing]
World Perfume, Inc. (bbb)
1400 Bradley Lane Carrollton, TX 75007                     972-245-3366 972-242-7297
Customer Operations: Chris Doan
World Perfume Company
11015 E 39th St Ste 100 Independence, Mo 64055          816-313-8325
Finance manager: Duke           Dan Long Derek Mason Scottsdale, Arizona
[From: ] (See later, no info on BBB now)

Executive Design
Salt Lake City Utah 801-261-4261

International marketing firm seeks new assistang mgr's for new offices in area. Will train. Call 261-4261 x3

Commercial Wholesale Commercial Wholesales Commercial Design 285 West 2855 S Salt Lake City UT 84115 801-966-6456 801-467-8972 467-8971 Manager: Richard Greenly AKA Richard Wentz Richard Weltz [From:,,,,]

TONS OF WORK!! Our office is understaffed.
Immediate opening w/international Fasion co. F/T No exp. okay. 467-8972

Progressive fasion co. is looking for individuals with strong people skills
to move in to uper mgmt. postions. WILL TRAIN 467-8971
Company expanding, No exp. nec. 467-8972
Tons of work. No exp. nec. Will train. 467-8973
Fun people needed. All positions. Will train. 467-8973

Additonal testimonies against Commerical Wholesale: webpage one two three four five six seven       Photo of Commercial Wholesale from: <<<< See the webpage
CLOSED JULY 2004 by people like you, you can do it too!

International Design
Salt Lake City Utah World Perfume
Manager: Geno Ortiz

Creative Expressions (As of July 2004, listed on
4140 S 500 West Murray, UT 84123                    801-566-2526       801-269-1282
Registered Agent: Hydee Willis
Business license renewal: 06/11/2003, business license is deliquent on: 07/19/2004
Listed incorrectly on Commerce site (business licensing) as type of business: "Information Services"

Not World Perfume or Scentura: Extreme Enterprises Advertisement: DO YOU NEED WORK? (FUN ATMOSPHERE) We need Help. It's that simple. Looking for 20 people for novelty stock inventory, sales & entry level mgmt. Up to $12+/ start. Will Train. Traci 484-6329 "market toys, books, games"

Global Renditions
285 W. 2855 S. Salt Lake City, UT 801-746-5389
Managers: Mike & Danielle
Newspaper: Salt Lake Tribune
Business license date: 02/20/2004
Listed on Commerce site (business licensing) as type of business: "Soap, Cleaning Compound, and Toilet" (


Aldo Enterprises Inc.
6725 Varliel Avenue Canoga Park CA 91303-2811
Business Started: 07/27/87 Last Report Date: 10/16/03 Principal Contact: Marc Gleeman 818-594-7212
9960 NW 116 way suite 9 Miami Fl. 33178 305-888-0708 managers: Steve Tejeda Dana Tejeda In the Miami Herald Classifieds [From:]
Aroma Imports
4422 Pershing Ave Suite 24 Stockton California 95207 209-476-9301 Kat Alexandre Danelle Casco
[Former BBB file, link broken:]
Atlantic Enterprises
New Jersey RJ Hunter and Christine Franzik [From:]
Atlantic Enterprises of Virginia, Inc. Atlantic Processing
203 Expressway Ct # 203 Virginia Beach, Virgina               (757) 473-9742 (As of July 2004, listed on
123 S. Witchduck Rd. Virginia Beach, VA 23462                  
President: Rich Young
293 Independence Blvd.Pembroke 5, Ste. 2, Virginia Beach, VA 23452
341 Witchduck Rd. #201, Virginia Beach, VA 23456                   757-340-4262                   757-473-1972
Atlantic Enterprises Memphis, TN Manager: Rich Young
[From: June 2003]

Atlantic Promotions Kannapolis NC
Austin Concepts Austin TX [From:]
Azure Enterprises Azure Enterprise
22 Dehart Avenue Staten Island New York 10303. De Hart Ave 718-720-8523 or 718-720 -8523 Managers: Karen Cirago Don Waleski Original Business Start Date: 1/1/1997 [From:]

B.P. Rhino, Inc. [See Future Promotions]

C n C enterprises / C and C enterprises Brooklyn NY [From:]
C.S. Enterprises CS Enterprises
7667 N. 56th Street Tampa FL 33617 914-7224 Owners: Michael Landrian and Valerie Barry [From:]
California Designs 2257 Business Way Riverside CA 92501 Chris Westphal Paulie A. Mauel Assar Hussein 909-321-0138 909-320-7154 909-782-2119 909-321-0000 909-782-2333 909-782-2392
Business Started: 12/01/94 File Open Date: 01/03/95 Last Report Date: 07/02/03
A.K.A: Commercial Wholesale Empire Wholesale Double Scent Sation Double Scent Station Manager: Mark [From: ]
Camelot Management Richmond Virginia manager: Jon Barber [From:]
Capital Wholesale
3888 E 45th Ave St # 300 Westminster Colorado
8333 East 46 Ave Denver Colorado 80201
303-743-8300 or 743-0082
Manager: Elon Rosenthal Newspaper: Denver Post
[From: May 2003; email Feb 26, 2004,]
Capital Wholesale
10220 Metropolitan Dr Austin, TX 78758
512-837-8845 Local Business Start Date: January 1, 1981
Principal Contact: Mr. Robert Franco
Capri Unlimited 2055 Range Rd Clearwater, FL 33755 managers: Emily and Brandy Regional managers: Alan and Jess 727-446-7616 727-446-7476
[From: email broken]

'CEI' Concord Essence Inc Paramus NJ [From:]
Centura Creations
312 West 20th Street Suite D San Bernardino CA 92405 Business Started: 11/28/94 File Open Date: 01/11/95 Last Report Date: 05/06/02 Principal Contact: David Burnham (909) 886-4091
Cherubum Marketing Missouri [From:]
Chicago Wholesale or C.W.A I
770 N Church St Suite A-I Suite E
Regional Managers: Rob and Ricki Zucker Coordinators: Kim Hooper and Dustin Speer

Chicago Tribune. Under general office/ mgr trainee:

Serious $$workin w/non-serious people
Wild and crazy ofc needs assts. &mgr. trainees to start immed. no exp nec
we train. JOEY 630-782-1960
[From: Friday July 16th, 2004 email. (anonymous)]

Ciptiques Management
7405 Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village, NY 11379 718-326-5399 [From:]
1401 S Military Trail #F2 West Palm Beach, FL 33415 561-967-0970
[Former BBB file, link broken:]
Coastal Management of Richmond Inc Richmond Virginia Owner: Nichole
Common Scents 12962 SW 133rd Court Miami, FL 33186 305-971-2161 [From: april 15, 2003]
(BBB report says business is now closed)
Cream Enterprises Allentown PA
Creative Designs
4970 Raleigh-Lagrange Rd. #9A Memphis, TN 38128
2600 Poplar Ave. #415, Memphis, TN 38112
901-388-1003 901-380-4020 901-377-9988 901-458-3919 Mr. Patrick King Owner "The company previously operated in the Mid-South area as Creative Designs, Southern Designs and Gateway Management"
Creative Expressions
2001 E. Texas Street Suite 4 Bossier City LA 318-741-3003 [From:]
Creative Images
Aurora, ILDave Matthews Jen [possibly closed] [From:]
Crossroad Promotions
Savannah GA Anthony Helms and Andrew Gordon [From:]

DBA Global Design
East Little Creek Road Norfolk, VA 23503 [From: ]

DC Worldwide
Bensalem 5921 Bristol Emilie Road Levittown, PA 19057 215-946-7001 215-633-0266 215-946-7566 Mr. Chris Frycki Owner 1273 North Church Street, Suite 108 Moorestown, NJ 08057 215-946-7001 [From:]
Designer Accents
/ Designer Accent
3807 McCain Park North Little Rock, AR 72116 501-753-5019
Designer Accents
7420 Hitt Rd.Mobile, AL 36695 May 1995 Mr. Stan Niemiec, Owner 251-634-1415
Designer Concepts
207 East Reynolds Road Suite F Lexington, KY 40514 Local Business Start Date: April 1996 Mr. Truitt Highland, Co-Owner 859-272-0045 Ms. Mellonie Majors - Co-Owner
Designer Concepts
5544 West 147th St Oak Forest, IL 708-371-8330
Designer Creations

1824 Murfreesboro Road, Suite 102 Nashville, TN 37203 Original Business Start Date: August 1998 Local Business Start Date: August 1998 Ms. Janelle Bucciarelli, Branch Manager 615-365-3950 615-365-1387 205-941-1968 770-445-0947
Designers International Inc C & C Creations Opportunity Knocks
191 Suite H West Valley Ave. Homewood, AL 35209 35205 205-941-1968 Birmingham Alabama Rob Zirbel Rob Zuckert Ricki Zirbel Denny Original Business Start Date: January 1995 205-941-1968 205-945-1972 205-945-1972 205-942-1981 205-941-1979 205-823-9700 205-795-2080
[From: [link now broken]]

Designers International Las Vegas NV Designer International
Destiny International Seattle James LeBlanc
Diamond All-Star International Chicago owner: Josie Villasenor 2118 S. Wabash Chicago IL [Distributor probably closed:]
Distribution Company Fresno CA
Divisional Management 8455 Castlewood Dr. Suite J Noblesville IN Indianapolis area 46250 Managers: Chuck and Katie 317-873 6119 Advertised in the Indianapolis Star. iMaybe Bash road Castleton Also [From: ; "Lee, Jaren, and Dustin" ]
Divine Scents
5025 Boardwalk Dr. Suite# 500 Colorado Springs, Colorado
719-536-0140 (classified ad number)
719-536-9300 (number they told me to call after second interview)
Regional Managers- Richard Greenley Chris Westphal
Managers- Daphna Dorot / Daphina Dorot Martin Jiminez Doug Zirbal Newspaper: The Gazette Telegraph (Colorado Springs newspaper)
[From: June 30, 2004 July 5, 2004]
Nuno Elizabeth " Bill " 402 Harrison Avenue in. Harrison New Jersey 201-991-4006 201-955-3225 [ Bergen Record classifieds ] Also another Scentura office at 1138 midland Ave in Kearny New Jersey [From:]
DTS Determined to Succeed
2176 Jog Rd Greenacres, FL 33404 561-439-0023 Nilo and his girlfriend Daisy Sanchez Email: [From:]
D V A Enterprises
4660 S. Eastern Ave. #105-A Las Vegas, NV 89119 Original Business Start Date: October 1998 Local Business Start Date: December 2002 Principal : Douglas Battles President Eastern and Tropicana Las Vegas Nevada Managers: Alexis & Esther Hernandez 702-458-4900
Their business license on the Clark County Database is listed as: Educational Instructors

[Link Broken:
Dynamic Management International
0031 620791256 0031 181615782 Holland Contact Michael Hales from Houston

Egotrends Ego Trends
12445 E. 39th Ave. Suite 503 Denver 303-307-0457 [The ad was exactly the same as one ran a few weeks ago by Ol' Factory. From:]
Elite Enterprises
Bellevue, WA 98004 425-646-6404 425-646-6401 Ms Tiffany Wright [originally from Richmond, Virginia] Started in November 2002 [From: and ]
Elite Enterprises
3600 Menaul Blvd NE Ste L Albuquerque, NM 87110-2861 Original Business Start Date: 1/1/1983 Local Business Start Date: 11/20/2001 Principal: Brad Nussdorfer Owner Customer Service Contact: Doris Cornejo General Manager 505-888-9725 Email Address:
Elite Enterprises
9330 Corporate Dr #103 Schertz, Tx 78154 Original Business Start Date: June 1991 210-654-3991
Elite Management
6905 Atlantic Boulevard Jacksonville, FL 32225 904-726-1701, 904-726-1703 Managers: Jeremy Kiefer, Rhiannon Green, Jessica / Jessie Newspaper: Georgia/Florida Times Union [From: and jeremy kiefer]
EMO A.K.A. Wispereta, Inc
5448 Hoffner Suite 301 Orlando, Florida
Lisa Piccione, Owner 205 W State Rd 434 Ste D, Winter Springs, FL 32708
4300 S Semoran Blvd Ste 202 Orlando, FL 32822 7200 Lake Elenor Drive Orlando, Florida
3501 W. Vine Street, #385, Kissimmee, FL 34741-4643 407-706-0082 407-737-6556 407-301-2909 407-518-1707 407-579-5214 407-582-9075 407-737-6556 407-812-9878 407-816-1010 407-826-8690 407-846-8592 407-851-5700 407-859-8800 407-932-0005 407-933-8889 407-936-0017 [From:]
Enigma Imports Sunnyvale, CA [From: Oct 2003]
Enigma Management, Inc.
4605 W. Broad St. Richmond, Va 23230
Managers: Pintu Jinger (registered name) Kitty
(804) 359-6660 Va State Corp. Commission Id is 0607896-8 activated 12/16/03
Richmond Times Dispatch [From:]

Essence Management 11350 66th Street N Saint Petersburg, Florida (BBB report says business is now closed)
Essence Management Essence Management
Jermaine Williams and Brandy Sexton [New owners] 11100 66th st. ste 27 Largo ,Fl 33773 727-545-3517 727-548-1410 old owners : Jessica Klispie and Alan Zemnovich [From:, Jan 17, 2002]
Essence Unlimited Garden City New York
Essential Enterprises
1440 South State College, Suite 4 K Anaheim CA 92806 714-758-1101 [From:]
E.U.R.S Enterprises
11406 North Dale Mabry Blvd. Tampa, FL 33616 [From:]
Extreme Enterprise
2056 45th Street Highland Indiana 46322 219-924-5451 Jason Mergl Adrian Tucker Ben Montgomery Ben Montgomery Jennifer Cizek a.k.a. Rhino [distributor]
Former address: 3545 Scottsdale St. 219-364-8152 Portage Indiana Scottsdale Plaza
26 Harrison Street Apt. #1 New Chicago IL 46342 219-613-4483
Also: 2533 Bernice Road Suite E3 Lansing IL 60438 219-364-0603 708-418-3555
Local Business Start Date: January 1997
On the testimonials page of Scentura:
Large document on Extreme Enterprise training tactics.
[From:] BBB report

Everyday Expressions
5601 S. Campbell Suite # B 104 Springfield, Mo. 65810 Managers: Jake, Tre, and Jason [From: anonymous, 16 Dec 2003 email]
Extreme Management Chicago Heights IL 708-754-6927 Manager: Scot Croycraft Scott

Fashion Design, Inc.
1710 Wilwat Drive Suite D Norcross, GA 30093 Original Business Start Date: January 1998 Dave Whalen President 770-453-9998 770-453-9993 []
Fragrances By Nat
[] 10 Everett Street
Wellesley, MA 02482 781-431-1141
Future Promotions PMA Management B.P. Rhino, Inc.
609 Campbell Avenue, Suite #3 WEST HAVEN, CT 06516 Local Business Start Date: November 1996 Mr. Brian Page Jr. Pres/Regional Mgr. Managers: Mr. Peter Soler , Mr. Jailson Debrito , Mike 203-931-1334 203-931-1334 203-502-6673 203-502-6674 203-239-0860 203-354-4516 x 350 203-934-8800 203-934-3661 203-934-3661 888-557-4466 203-234-2687 Hamden Connecticut Advertise in the : The New Haven Register and The Connecticut Post

Assistant Manager/Manager 10 Self motivated indivs. needed to help new office. From $250 -- $500. No Exp. Req'd. Full Training provided 203-354-4516 X 350
Complete training provided for 20 sharp individuals. CT expansion creates F/T openings. To $500/wk. Call by Thurs. 203-239-0860 ask for Jenna.
CIRCLE THIS AD ASSISTANTS Looking for leaders to help run new office. NO EXP NEC. Need to fill positions by Thursday. $35K+. 203-931-1334 X 121 Sharease.
FUN JOB OFFICE MANAGERS Wild and crazy atmosphere needs new leaders to run new offices opening soon. NO EXP NEC. Rapid advancement oppty. Exc. $. 203-502-6674 ext. 222
FRESH START Looking for a new career with rapid advancement? No exp. necessary. Need to fill 20 positions immed. 203-502-6673 ext. 400
[From: June 1, 2003 and]

Gateway Management
11737 Administration Drive, Suite 11 Manchester and 270 St. Louis Saint Louis Missouri 314-432-4010 David Babb Stacey Babb Assistant: Jenny Weggemann [From:, [Non working ,]]

Genisis Creations
2500 W Oakland Park Blvd. Fort Lauderdale FL [From: Nov 2003]
Genesis Enterprises
509 Winmoore Way Suite 0 Modesto, CA 95358
(BBB report says business is now closed)
Global Designs Norfolk, VA [From:]
Global Designs 32 Shotting Star Irvine CA 92604 File Open Date: 07/09/01 Last Report Date: 04/28/03 646-349-1850
Global Enterprises
Centura Creations and Extreme Indiana
Global Enterprises
343 East Palmdale Blvd Ste 5A Palmdale CA 93550 File Open Date: 10/28/98 Last Report Date: 06/24/02 805-266-0474
Global Enterprises
2184 Liberty Road #6 Lexington, KY 40509 Original Business Start Date: January 1994 Mr. Kent Brunk 859-252-4451
Global Industries
738 South Waterman Suite C 40 San Bernardino CA 92410 File Open Date: 06/28/96 Last Report Date: 07/02/03 909-890-1871
Global Promotions 501 Metroplex Drive Nashville, TN 37211 615-781-2071
[From: 4/30/2003]

General-mngr trainee
I need 13 people as crazy as I am to help me run my co. ASST. & MGR trainees No exp. nec. We train. Must like fun, $$$, & work w/ oppos. sex. Ask for Mary 781-2071

This company came to the attention of BBB as a result of classified employment advertising stating "New Office Needs People to Start Now." No experience necessary, up to $415/wk to start, Advance into managment within 3-5 weeks.

H&E H & E Mrytle Ave Brooklyn with owner Elie Marty [aka M.Diddy]
HWMI Marc Schottenfield and Carol Schottenfield Mark Schott Carol Schott [From:]
Heaven Scent Rt.9 North Marlboro NJ Manager: Michelle and Rasheena [From:]
Heaven Scent
395 Santa Monica Place Santa Monica CA 90401
File Open Date: 09/19/01 Last Report Date: 01/22/02 Principal Contact: Saquid Shoaib 310-394-4919
Hylcon Hacylon Riverside CA [From:]

6831 Sousth Peoria 6831 S. Peoria Tulsa OK, OK 74136 918-524-0050
918-523-9929 principal: Anderson O'Connell
Aliases: Centura Creations Genisis International Designer Expressions-IDE Romans
IMS 4801 Milwee Rd. #1 Houston, TX 77092 713-682-2026 Manager: Josie Villasenor? [From: Feb. 2004]
Indy Design 260 Northland Blvd. Suite 111 Cincinnati, OH 45246 513-791-2250
Indy Development Jerry Owsley and Nick Alocca [From:]
International Design Chicago IL
International Design / Designer Concepts
323 Veterans Boulevard Suite E Kenner, LA 70065
2401 Veterans Blvd. New Orleans Louisiana
Original Business Start Date: May 2000
Todd Isert Jenny Isert Jennifer Palazzo Marvin Braxton 504-468-2236 504-472-0129
[From: by
Excellent story on this distributor: written by Brett at]

International Design
6520 Raytown Rd Ste J Raytown, MO 64133 Local Business Start Date: March 1998 Joseph M Lussa, Owner 816-353-3364 816-353-3263
International Design 326 S Wilmot Rd Tucson, AZ 85701 Principal: Mrs. Johanna Godfrey
International Design 205 Research Drive #12 Milford, CT 06460 203-876-7998 [From:]
International Design 10534 York Rd Suite 101Cockeysville, MD 21030 Joe Senna, Owner 410-560-7272
International Design
Bartlett, TN 38134 Mr. Joe Lussa, Owner/Regional Manager 901-385-9900 California Creations D'Zyne International Design International Global Images Worldwide Images Mr. Minh Nguyen - Branch Manager Mr. Nick Kayyal - Executive Manager Mr. Richard Somerville
International Design Southfield MI Lathrup MI
International Design
305 Boston Avenue, Suite 300 Stratford Connecticut 06614 203-502-6693 Managers: Sharease, Chester, Mike Advertise in the : The New Haven Register and The Connecticut Post

Assistant Managers No Exp. Nec.Atlanta based co. has 20 F/T openings. Pos. in Fairfield, Bridgeport and Milford must be filled be Thursday. To $500/wk. 203-502-6693 ask for Lisa
[There is no "Lisa", the person in charge now is Sharease]
NEW CAREER GENERAL HELP Motivated people needed to fill 20 F/T mgmt positions. NO EXP NEC. All training provided to the right people. To $500/wk. 203-502-6693
[From: June 1, 2003]

Ivy Management
553 Smith Street Buffalo, NY 14210 716-825-9320 Advertisement in:
[From: [She thought she was applying for receptionist position]]

18-25 guys/gals needed for wild crazy office! No experience necessary. Call 716-825-9320

J & J Enterprises 6101 Ball Road, Suite 305 Cypress CA 90630 Business Started: 01/01/95 Last Report Date: 07/02/03 Principal Contact: Janice Lechvea 714-828-4393
J&R Management J and R Management 90-02 Jamaica Avenue Queens New York [above a nail salon] Mr. and Mrs. Ruiz
J&T Enterprises 46 Memorial Parkway, Long Branch, NJ 732-728-1376[From:]
JK3 Unlimited
5353 Redtip road Fayetteville North Carolina 910 868-5151 910 868-5008 Two owners: Kinnon Tatum / Kenon Tataum and Jeff Jackson [A.K.A. perfume pimps] [From:]

Assistant Manager Manager Trainee no exp nec.
we train $500 a week while training start immediately
call lisa or shirley at (910)868-5151 / (910)868-5008

JP&A management JPA Management 453 Davidson Road Plum, PA 15239 412-798-3202 Pittsburgh PA
JMJ Management 305 Cassidy Drive Newport, DE 19804 Principal : Mr. Jason Cassidy President 302-995-1211

Ken American 9774 Katella Ave. Suite 101 Anaheim CA 92804 714- 635-4580 File Open Date: 02/16/98 Last Report Date: 07/02/03
Kendall Managememt
120 Concord Dr., Casselberry, FL 32707 Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
407-834-4887 407-834-1175
Manager: Zache, Geraldo Cruz
Newspaper: Orlando Sentinel, advertise every weekend
[From: October 3, 2003,, July 2004]

ADMIN ASST: skills leading to mngmt. fast paced dist. ofc. No exp. 407-834-4887
RECEPTIONIST: Growing distr. co. skills lead to mgmt. 407-834-1175

Kiwi Enterprise Hobart Indiana [From:]
KND Enterprises Kissimmee Fl
605 W. Washington South Bend Indiana managers: Sarah Darwin Woods Commerce Drive by the South Bend regional airport Located right across from Tippecanoe Place [From:]

Labi International Labbi International Cincinatti, Ohio Manager: Leah [From:]
L & L Systems
Denver Colorado 303-232-8966 303-650-1135 and 303-779-0646
[From: ]
Las Vegas Design Las Vegas Images LV Images LV Design
4510 Arville St. #D Las Vegas, NV 89103 Original Business Start Date: June 2003 702-247-4395
L.I. Enterprises
2304 Corn Valley Rd, Grand Prairie, TX 972-642-4115 Manager's names: Correy Bible, Safiyya Ali, Ashlee Phillipa Dallas Morning News [From: May 22, 2004]
Liquid Assets Wembley Park London UK Advertise on the local newspaper as

"An American based company undergoing a 5 million dollar expansion 30 people needed to be trained into management positions"

Lone Star Designs Global Designs Ed Bluestein Road Austin Texas 512-385-5333 Managers: Kim Bryce Ad is as follows: [Run in the Austin-American Statesman on 2/2/03 classifieds under "general"...]

"Assistant Mgr.- Manager CIRCLE ME! Serious $$ working w/non-serious people. Wild & crazy ofc. needs people. No exper. nec. We train. Cindy 385-5333"

Asst. Manager; WAAZZ UP! Are serious about having fun and making $$$. We have openings for Asst. Mgr. & Mgmt Trainees. No exp. ok. Rapid adv. Call Elaine 512-323-2745. [Name of office is Global Design]
[Anonymous email.02-04-2004]


M & S Enterprises M and S Enterprises
1925 Floranada Road Suite 219 Fort Lauderdale Florida 33308 Sun-Sentinel Newspaper Sharon Stalford Mike Use the misspelled: Centura Creations
McGrant Management Training Center
4321b 4th avenue Brooklyn, NY 11232
Owners: Gerarda Harewood and Nakesha Johnson 718-437-2599 718-437-2819
(From: Jun 30, 2004)
Mercury Wholesale Portland Oregon [From:]
Meridian Management 1330 Parkway Ave suite 14 Ewing, NJ 08618 609-637-0077
MIA Management In Action Winter Springs Florida Managers: Shari Taylor and Marie Simon Oliver Mendoza and Alison Brenn
Midwest Marketing & Management
6707 N Sheridan Suite D Peoria, IL 61614 309-693-3440
Original Business Start Date:February 1996
Ms. Debra Cross Owner

Above Average. Upbeat enthusiastic people needed
for Asst. Mgmt. & General office up to 576.92/wkly. No exp. necessary.

17924 S. Halsted Manager: Jason Mergl [From:]

Midwest Management WMI 17920 Halsted Homewood Illinois 708-647-9180 [From: Jan 2004]
Mint Enterprises [From: Renee]
M J Promotions
2255 Woodard Ave Shreveport, LA 71103 Michael Joiner, President 318-676-0810 Woodrow Street off Greenwood Road Shreveport, La [From: ]
Modern Concepts Scentura Creations 4625 I 45 North Houston, TX 77076 713-699-1991

Mojo Enterprises Layton, UT Mo and Abby [From: ]

National 818-781-8220 [From:]
National Wholesale Colorado Springs, CO Manager: Michael Black
[From: Holly Foust]

National Wholesale Distributors Atlanta Chamblee [late 80's]
New Trend Promotions East Texas Street Bossier City, LA 71112
North Bay Wholesalers
460 Douglas Rd [Old Address] Oldsmar, FL 34677 Original Business Start Date: September 1997 Mr. John Neumann, President Ms. Michelle Massa - Manager 813-818-0072
Western Expansion Northwestern Expansion Sacramento, CA [From:]
Norwood Enterprises Norwood Enterprise
12841 S Pulaski Rd Alsip, IL 60803 708-489-0230 [From:]

OBT Mandy and Daniel Orlando Florida South O.B.T 407-852-9090
[From: ]
Observe L'Essance Pittsburgh PA
Odyssey Imports
4222 W. Alamos #201 Fresno, CA 93722 Original Business Start Date: April 2002 Katie Meyer Owner 559-277-8587
Ol'Factory Wholesale
2785 N. Speer Blvd Denver CO. Phone # is 303-433-6900 [From:] Managers: Dave and Brian
OTS West Palm Beach Florida

P&B International P and B International Montgomery, AL 277-1818 [From:]
P&D P and D or Portland Design Oregonian [Portland, OR] newspaper:

Assistant Mgr.- Manager CIRCLE ME! Serious $$ working w/non-serious people. Wild & crazy ofc. needs people. No exper. nec."

Pacific Coast Imports
4455 Euclid Ave San Diego, Ca 92115-4523
619-286-3000 858-554-1156
From: Sandra Minor & Jessica Perez (Divisional Executives: Doug & Amy Su Zirbel)
San Diego Reader [From: June 30, 2004; July 2004]

San Diego Reader Online:
RECEPTIONIST. Brand-new fun, energetic cosmetics company. Happy-go-lucky people only. Serious pay for non-serious people. Full time, start now. 619-286-3000.

Pacific Coast Wholesale
2421 Portola Road Ventura, CA 805-650-7579 advertise in: Ventura County Star newspaper "I am not certain about the number, but it is definitely Portola Road. It is a brown wood-faced office building next to a test field for an irrigation-pipe company; their office, which has no signage, faces the field." [From: july 9, 2003]
Pacific Design Scents
13030 Inglewood #105, Hawthorne, CA 90250 1 block north of Rosencranz LA area 310-644-8946 Managers: Daphne Bach with the help of Gat, Joshua, Brian, Jen, and Reina [From:] Also South Bay Management
Paradise Enterprises
501 Buckingham Culver City CA 90230
Paradise Enterprises
4195 Chino Hills Parkway Suite 336 Chino Hills CA 91709 800-355-7155 909-606-0268 Principal Contact: Brian Paradise
Paradise Enterprises
1400 Center Drive, Suite 1100 Huntington Beach CA 92647
File Open Date: 04/23/93 Last Report Date: 12/27/00 714-891-0332
Paradise Inc. Paradise Perfume
5601 West Slausen Avenue Suite 110 Culver City CA 90230 310-645-9811
Phoenix Management (Under Scentura Creations in the BBB report)
448 Lincoln Blvd. Middlesex, NJ 08846 732-764-6868 732-764-6870
Manager's names: Donny Zinkin (regional manager)and Holly Jacobetz (District Manager) .
Star-Ledger under the ads:

Receptionist No exp nec. Immed. Opening Wild & Crazy atmosphere!
HELP! 18-25 guys/gals needed. No exp nec.

No experience necessary. Wild and Crazy 732-764-6868

(Darlene, comment at bottom, 10-02-03),,,

Paramount Marketing Association / S.C.I.
2545 Hempstead Turnpike Suite LL-3 East Meadow, NY 11554 516 - 731 9120 name also used "Santora" Manager: Lori Coffey Dist. Managers are Rachel Bueno and Josh Schor Formerly W.M.I.
Pittsburgh Wholesale PGH Wholesale
2009 Mcknight Road Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15237 412-364-3104 412-364-8122 and 412-364-3104 2009 Kinvara Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15237 Managers: Natalie Dees and Josh Urban Kevin and Matt (Newer managers May 2004) Classifieds: Pittsburgh Post Gazette The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
[From: ]

Manager Trainee/Assistants !!Circle Me!!
12 trainees for co. expansion. Up to $425/wk. to start. No Exp. OK Hope, 412-364-3104

Platinum Enterprises Long Beach CA
PN&B Marketing, Inc.
9129 suite 100 Monroe Rd. Charlotte NC 28270 704-847-6002 website: Mr. Kerry Brunson, President Mr. Michael Gilchrist 704-847-6002
704-847-6558 Local Business Start Date: January 1997 (Won a Mercedes C240 in 2003 Las Vegas Scentura drawing)
Prestige Management
181 Lanva Ave Garfield, NJ [From: CornflakeGirl25@, July 2004]
Prodigy Advancement Chicago Illinois [From:]
Progressive Design
10405-1 Saint Augustine Road Jacksonville, FL 32257
4604 Atlantic Blvd Ste 2 Jacksonville, FL 32207
4221 Baymeadows Road Jacksonville, FL 32217
904-731-8668 904-346-1250 904-880-6546 904-288-4410 904-260-5587 904-399-3701 [According to resident, number doesn't work]
Original Business Start Date: September 1999
Managers: Amber Belknap and Mr. Sean Shinick Owner
Advertise in the Florida Times Union

2nd address: 3035 Powers Ave. #4 Jacksonville Fl 904-256-4674 From:

[Right off of University Blvd. The office was in an older little strip
of offices and located in suite # 4.
I was first interviewed by a black guy named Kevin and spoke to a guy named Ryan on the phone initially.
During our second interview the group was spoken to by the same Regional Managers: Amber Belknap and Sean Shinick.
During our second interview we were also told that "Ryan" was moving up to Nashville to head the regional office there.]

Reign International
4601 Brooks Street Suite A Montclair California 91763 909-625-0983 [From: June 12 2004]
R & R designs R and R designs
Murfreesboro Area 826 Memorial Blvd Suite 200 615-907-2068 [From:]
R.V. Management RV Management
1169 Ward Avenue suite 9 Bronx New York Daily News [Bronx, NY] Owners: Hilroy Wade ; Viola Ross ; Tavonna Lewis ; Veronica

Regional Design Indianapolis IN

Scentex 2501 Ave J ARL, TX 817-633-0056 [From:]
Scentex Enterprises 951 W Pipeline Rd #111-D Hurst, TX 76053 (817) 284-9740 [From:]
Scentura Creations 13030 Inglewood Avenue Suite 105 or Suite 200
Hawthorne, CA 310-644-8946 File Open Date: 08/01/01 Last Report Date: 09/10/01
Scentura Creations 5329 Ramsay St Fayetteville, NC 28303
Scentura Creations 6421 E. Main Street Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 614-759-6400

Scentura Creations 8801 Lockway San Antonio, Tx 78217 Mr Carlos Saenz, Owner 210-590-3532
Scentura Creations 306 9395 120 St Delta, BC V4C 6R9 604- 582-1895
Scentura Creations 908 Cottman Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19111 215-722-6630
Scentura Creations 14531 Hamlin Suite 203 Van Nuys CA 91411 File Open Date: 06/05/91 Last Report Date: 07/02/03
Scopion Promotions
2333 E University Dr Suite B Phoenix, AZ 85034 602-237-8900 Owner: Jeff Frankel [From: email, Dec 2003]
Scentura Creations Ltd 112 Strand, London Phone: 020 724 04403
Selective Distributors
790 SR 436 Ste 116 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
Original Business Start Date: 3/25/1994 David Babb, President 407-339-0222 Also uses the name of: Coastal Pacific International Designs Mirage Orion
386-676-0885 407-260-6498 407-331-6916 407-339-0105 407- 339-0408 407-339-0466 407-339-0914 407-339-2701 407-539-2398 407-578-7000 407-677-4840 407-830-8383 407-839-2728 407- 869-8122 407-888-2192. 407 Lake Howell Rd Ste 112, Casselberry, FL 32707 706 N Ridgewood, Daytona Beach, FL 32114
1000 Savage Ct Ste 201, Longwood, FL 1200 SR 434, Longwood, FL 32779
525 S CR 427 Ste 125, Longwood, FL 32750 533 N Nova Rd, Ormond Beach, FL
175 W Broadway, Oveido, FL 2950 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
[From: ]
Sensual Scents 2175 Charbonier Road suite 3 Florissant IL 63031 [Inside a Physicians office] 314 972-8630 Managers: Jessica Oldani Stacy Corbin Karen Hill Regional Manager David Babb
[From: Anonymous, July 19, 2003 e-mail ]

Skyline Advancement Corp.
125 N. Halsted St., #202 Chicago, IL 60661
417 S. Dearborn suite 200 Chicago IL Skyline
Managers: Josie Villasenor 312-360-0051 (Possible alias: Debra LeFevre)

Info on Josie: [ or July 25, 2001 while she was still at Scentura; Based on this web posting, Josie appears to have an inferiority complex and the need to feel "important"]

Josie thinly veiled threats to a former employees:

Josie trained Thanh, Thanh showing his "WPOS " mentality [ ] Universal Designs
Other letter:
Josie Villasenor, "trailer trash"

Thanh's husband, Simone, wrote this threating letter:
[ ]
[Mention of Simone: ]
Threatened lawsuits against Josie
Josie is the former owner of Diamond Star International [above] and like many World Perfume distributors, a former Scentura distributor starting in 1995 [She regularly defended Scentura and now regularly defends World Perfume]
BBB address: 125 N. Halsted St., #202 Chicago, IL 60661
Number of complaints processed by the BBB in last 36 Months: 9
Number of complaints processed by the BBB in last 12 months: 2
--I filed a compalint with the BBB and, as usual, absolutly nothing was done with the compalint. SEE WHY
Info on Skyline Advancemnt office From:
Dissatisifed trainees:
[Trainee state that Joie's business was advertised as "Grand Opening" at 417 So. Dearborn Suite 200 in classifieds message dated Sept 9, 2001 or Feb 17, 2002 ] :

GENERAL OFFICE 22 F/T positions $575 per week no experience nec.
Paid trainning Grand Openning 312 360-0051

Chicago Tribune ad, July 2003, listed as an "Admin - Clerical" job:

General Office FT
Positive & worth $600+ a wk?
Josie: 312-360-0051. BBB/EOE.

General Office-CAREER!
Worth 600 + a wk? Training avail. BBB Josie: 312-360-0051
Career Builder web site, it is number CB23563 {From:]

Additonal testimonies against Skyline Advancement: One Two Three Four Five Six

Deiceved "trainees" who trained under Josie who can possibly help YOU permanently close Skyline Advancement:,,,,,

Call or e-mail the Chicago Tribune today and demand that they stop allowing Skyline Advancement to advertise in their classified ads:
312-222-2222 or

Click here for a Step by Step process to permanently close down
Skyline Advancement

Source Management / SCI
121 Lincoln Ave, Rochester, NY 14612 585-527-0939, or 527-0637 Reg/Owners: Danny Zinkin and Holly Jacobetz Jr/Reg owner: Cara Treglio DC/Managers: Latasha McCuneon Danielle Washington (Latasha's partner) Keith Green (guy who gave primary interview) Tasha [From]
Souce MTD
Florida From:
South Bay Management
2309 Torrance Blvd Torrance CA 90501-2520 310-618-1535 Manager: Reina [From:] Also Pacific Design
Stellar Essence Salem OR
Success By Design
1850 Taylor Avenue Suite 1 Louisville, KY 40213 502-479-3005 toll free at 1-866-479-3005. Managers: Adam & Brooke Burton Original Business Start Date: February 2001 [From: Jennifer Bozarth]
SWA Old Ockechobee Rd West Palm Beach Florida 33409 561-502-0136
[From: April 21, 2003]

T&A International [Probably closed:]
Texas Scents International
San Antonio Texas [Near the San Antonio Airport on Wetmore Road] [From: [LINK BROKEN],]
"They claim to come from Miami. They say that they have been under the wings of Steve Tageda"
Titan Marketing
8901 Lyndale Ave south Suite 201 Bloomington Minnesota 55420 952-881-3405 Dan Thompson [From:]
Titan Marketing
13530 Discovery St # 6 Omaha, NE 68132 402-895-0212 Mr. Dan Thompson [From:]
Triple M
1 Forest Avenue Portland, ME 04101 Starte date: 1993 Principal: Vicki Cahalane
Tristate Promotions
8 Youell Street Basement Apartment Florence, KY 41042 10/1/1993 G. Wayne Whalen, Owner 859-647-0505

Ultimate Concepts / Titan Wholesale Industries [ TWI ]/ Sauna Ultimate Creations
2285 Mufreesboro Pike Suite 216 Nashville TN 37217 615-360-3418, 615-366-5380, 615-366-7282 Manager: Jennifer Hessman The BBB said it's called Ultimate Concepts, and also they do business as Sauna Ultimate Creations [Near Nashboro Village and Krogers supermarket]. [From: ,,]

This company came to the attention of BBB by means of classified employment advertising. The company is placing ads for "asst manager; ex-students/hs grads" for 20 people at various levels up to $400/week. No experience necessary.

Ultimate Concepts Kansas City Kansas [From:]
Ultimate Concepts 13701 E 35th ST S, Independence MO 64055 816-836-5440 [From: June 29, 2003]
Ultimate Solutions 3029 E Sunshine Ste B Springfield, MO 65804 417-887-0601
Unique Enterprise
Duncanville, Texas Yvette and Andri Regional manger was Eric he wanted us to call him "uncle Eric"
[From: June 2003 ]

United perfume
Sherman Way and Havenhurst Van Nuys CA 91406 818-988-6625 fax 818-594-7230 Manager: Richard Wentz and Sara Gloria Juice 10 Kopta Shannon David and Stacey Babb Encino, Ca [From:] Possibly managers: Joe Lussa Joe Seana
Universal Designs 1134 B Brownswitch Road Slidell, LA 70461 504-847-1474 Also office in Kenner LA [From:]
Universal Management (bbb)
3367 Gun Club Road Nazareth, Pa 18064 610-837-7130
Mr Robert Simmons Owner Noelle Mel, secretary 610-837-6690
[From: Date: 5/22/2003]
Classifeied advertisement:

Fun work environment, MUST LOVE MUSIC

Universal Management Co. 326 S Wilmot STE B120 Tucson, AZ 85711 Mr. Zach Dunn, Owner 520-584-0529 520-750-0297 "Tucson Citizen" and "Arizona Daily Star" [From: June 4]

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY Expanding Company needs Management help. Will Train. Call 520-584-0529 or Fax resume 520-584-0533

Universal Wholesale Distributors
6790 Top Gun St # 5 San Diego, CA 92121 Original Business Start Date: March 1987
Mr. Douglas Zirbel (Read all of the daming chat board messages against the Zirbel's) President 858-554-1156 858-554-0952 Doris Cornejo, manager 858-554-1156 6790 Douglas Amysu Zirbel 1698 Aryana Drive Encinitas CA 92024-1293 760-634-3524 San Diego California Promoting owners: Peter Cousins and Teri Lierbergot (1998) A.K.A: Zirbel Enterprises Inc.[From:]
Utopia Enterprises 4811 Chippendale Dr.,#902 Sacramento, CA 95841 Mary Stonebraker Owner

W.T. Enterprises Orlando
Wholesale Merchandise inc
81 Jay Street, Suite 704 Brooklyn NY 11201 718-246-2748 [From:]
W.G. Management inc
223 Duffield Street 2nd Floor Brooklyn NY 11201 718-246-2748 718-246-2749
Fax: 718-624-3616 Regional Director: Tory Gates Regional Coordinators : Iman Fleming, Ms Harewood Advertise in: NY Daily News [From:]
Wispereta, Inc [See E.M.O.]
World Management / Perfume Rendition Wholesales Minneapolis/St. Paul area
8200 Humboldt Ave suite 101 Bloomington, MN 55431
952-746-3010 952-746-3011 952-346-9190 952-346-9030 952-346-9086 314-739-0255 314-739-0915
Managers: Gene Sheffield (Regional Manager) and Melissa Nash
Newspaper: Minneapolis Star Tribune Local Business
Start Date: November 2001
[From:,, anonymous email, Dec 2, 2003]

ADMINISTRATIVE asst Start now. New office needs help.
Will train. No exper nec. Various office pos avl. Salary + bonus.
Call 952-746-3013 or fax to 952-746-3014

World Wide Distributors
153 Broadway Raynham, MA 02767 Troy Slack, Branch Manager Ms. Cathy Borzouye 508-821-3194

Looking for 20 people to work in office no experience will train call 952-746-3011

Worldwide Industries World Wide industries
WWI Las Vegas Nevada 702-365-4511 came from Riverside California
[From: ]

Xanten Group
Xanten Group 16921 Western Avenue, Suite 201 Gardena CA 90247 File Open Date: 11/02/01 310-808-9637 Torrance CA Managers: Helena Vargas Daniel Huerta [From: ]

Xanadu Management Enterprises, Inc.
540 W. Boston Post Road 219 Mamaroneck, NY 10543 From: Scentura site based in Japan

Zirbel Enterprises (See Universal Wholesale Distributors)


Assistant MANAGERS/MGR. !!FUN JOB!! Wild & crazy office. Make serious $$ working w/ non serious people. No exp. nec. Call Cindy 298-0668 [ Feb 2004]

NO NAME Southfield, Michigan 248-905-5099* [From:]
NO NAME Tampa Florida 9300 North 16th Street [Busch and 16th] 813-931-1336* [From: ]
NO NAME Houston Texas Texaco Gas station intersection of Maxie Road and Willisville [From:]
NO NAME Bellflower California Kimberly Weaver and ASHKA [From:]
NO NAME Corpus Christi Texas 719 N. Upper Broadway Gabe Garcia Jocelyn April Garcia [From:]
NO NAME Mike and Rosie Fresno California [From:]
NO NAME Sacramento California 916-363-2008* [From: Sarah]
NO NAME 1300 Fite Circle Dr. Sacramento California 95758 916-376-5575* Managers: Carl Mimica Rosie [From: ]
NO NAME State Road 7 Margate Florida 33063 954- [From:]

NO NAME 205 Rt. 46 West, Totowa, NJ [From:] Scentura Creations office "This is not the address of scentura, it is the address of Warren Jentis who has an office at 7 Elm street in No. Arlington He keeps moving because he doesn't pay rent." [From:]
NO NAME 500 West Cermak Chicago Illinois
NO NAME Alabama Tillmans' Corner - Rangeline Road 334-602-5706
NO NAME Charlotte Office Cross Beam Rd off of York Mont and Beam Rd at Suite 1809 in is under a sign saying KMX 704-423-9455 [From:]


MANAGER: Leah Laho [Detroit]
MANAGERS: Eric Berry And Troy [Tennessee]
MANAGERS: James LaBlance and Mallory in Washington and California
MANAGER: Josh Starks Florida? [From:]
MANAGERS: Lore Greestein Tony Guadagnino [Late 80's]
MANAGER: Rachel Thompson Formerly in Pittsburgh
MANAGER: Brian Tyrone Copperfield [Simply email message:]

MANAGER: Stan close associations with Rob, Ricki and Denny [From:]
MANAGER: Roland Bolas Clearwater FL []

Managers listed on the Scents of pride 1993 Monte Carlo contest:
Centeral Division Ace (Johnny Whitworth) / Ashley Adams / Darnell Robert Kronner Michael Owens Dunning / Dunning Dirk Merritt Louise Merritt Coy / Davis Brad Cooper Ron Vierling Suong Walp

Northeast Division Dick / Gayle / Bryan Scott / Nancy / Cordon Billy Reynolds Robinson / Towle Coffey / Van Buskirk Beck / Lopez Long / Mendenhall Debra Flettre-Wubben Jason Merci Jennifer Merci Paul Nicosia Sabrina Nicosia

Southeast Division Mike Barrick Ted / Deb Kerry Brunson Terry Brunson Rob Zuckert Ricki Zuckert Lorin / Tony Michele / Susie Jozef Senna Jr. Smith / Darcy Rob Darby Erik / Laura

West Division Putman / McFadden Richard Wentz Kim Flick Marc Gleeman David Babb Zirbel / Lambert Toutant / Rush Schaffer / Barcelos Madkour / Hollingshead Dave Whalen

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Special thanks to Mike Barrick, Michael Cronin, David Dombrowsky, Catherine, Traci, Amber and the dozens of former managers and owners who decided to expose this scam for what it is to me directly and on chat borads, and the hundreds of people who have written me directly or post online detailed accounts of the Scentura and World Perfume scam. Without your continued moral support, suggestions, and information on how these pyramid schemes work,
this webpage would never have existed.

My only wish is that this web page someday become obsolete because together, we close down these vicious pyramid scams once and for all.

(1) From an archived Scentura Creations website:

"Twenty-three years ago in Atlanta, Georgia, Scentura Creations, Inc. established a unique concept that provided an opportunity for people to be in business for themselves. By removing many of the barriers on the road to financial independence (lack of capital, education, or experience) Scentura Creations discovered a way the average person can realize the American dream of being his or her own boss."

(2) I do not accuse World Perfume of stealing the concept of Scentura without ample evidence. Although I have always suspected this, only recently have I began to post this. But after compiling a side by side comparison of Scentura and World Perfume training, it was strikingly obvious that World Perfume and Scentura train out of the exact same manuals.


Possible Scentura Distributors:
Alabama: Designers International Designs Unique National Products Co Promotional Concepts Alaska: Absolutely Alaska Charites M J's Enterprises Pure Essence Imports Arizona: Arizona Sun Aroma Terra Bath Pleasures Bottle Of Perfume, The C ITA International Luv2u Michelle Cosmetics Cosmetics Once In A Bloom Fragrances Prolinc Cosmetics Inc Satori Sol Inc Sun Solutions TLC VB Cosmetics Inc Western Flavors & Fragrances Inc Arkansas: Aromatique Inc J M Corporate J M Products Paradise Fragrance Ltd Phillips International Rama Cosmetics Scentations Inc Unique Perfume Victorian Scents Colorado: Capitol Wholesale Cowgirl Enterprises Designing Dreams Universal Management Vail Cosmetic Co American Impressions Auradis Inc Chemessence Inc Ecometics Inc Mac Cosmetics Inc Nadel Industries Tnt Enterprises Zotos International Inc Delaware: Bc Intl Cosmetics & Image Svc Virgina: Creative Scents Dream Cosmetics Inc Dream Cosmetics Inc Eva Images Eva Images Excel Enterprise Fragrances Limited Inc Fresh Scents Global Design Heaven On Earth Products Inc In The Pink Mac Cosmetics Inc O J Wholesale Inc Parfums De Paris Queen Cosmetics Suzanne Deparis Produits Ysb Intl