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6SR Trading

Welcome to the content site for 6th Street Radio LLC. Here we will post news and updates about company business, and also our series on using our new retail-accessible options trading site.

About Us

6th Street Radio LLC is a software contracting and consulting business. We have many ongoing and completed contracts, and our client list can be found at our website 6thstreetradio.org.

In addition to our contracting business, we have developed a proof-of-concept token options trading site based on the Stellar/XLM network. The site allows users to create and manage options contracts for specific tokens created by 6th Street Radio. The current paper-trading site is up at trade.6thstreetradio.org. Email trade@6thstreetradio.org to open an account.

Options Trading

For details on how trading works, see About 6SR Trading.

The core features of our site are:

  • The site has ZERO control over your funds. You maintain private keys for your wallets.
  • Escrow accounts used to cover option sales are held on the public network with multiple signatures. You can always check to see if a contract is backed by a funded account.
  • The transaction which actually executes the contract can be downloaded and taken completely out of the system. If you do that, all servers run by 6th Street Radio could be shut down completely, and you'd still be able to execute the contract if you own it.

Goals & Future

The goal of this site is to bring stability to the bitcoin market by allowing small retail traders to trade volatility (options). We want to wrestle control of the market away from giant firms and place the power into as many capable hands as possible.

Stocks and Options are a highly regulated industry in the United States. It is our intention to develop this site as a proof of concept site using paper trading. All avenues are on the table for the future, whether we want to go down the long road of trying to gain regulatory compliance to sell real options contracts on BTC, or if the technology is bought by an agency with existing licenses.

Join with us as we push forward into the future of finance!